Postgraduate Programmes

The Faculty of Creative Industries (FCI) in Sungai Long Campus currently offers two Master’s programmes — Master of Arts (Communication) (MAComm) and Master of Communication (MComm) — to meet the demands of an ever-changing media landscape. 
These two programmes are designed to immerse graduate students in developing a deeper and more focused understanding and appreciation of theoretical aspects and issues in communication as well as to enhance students’skills in analysis, critical thinking, problem-solving and inquiry for the subjects. Our programmes also draw graduate students who are interested in intensive examination of mass communication as they prepare for careers as university lecturers and researchers or professional media specialists. 
Students will study various aspects of communication to better understand the management of media organisations, communication policy and planning, and its influence on organisations and societies. Throughout the programmes, graduate students are encouraged to participate in research and publication, and enhancement courses such as Dissertation Writing Workshop or to attend conferences, seminars and talks in line with the University’s aspiration to be a research university.  

Who should enroll?

The Master of Arts (Communication) and Master of Communication are two ideal programmes that lead graduate students to careers with communication responsibilities in a broad array of domains such as media and communication management, journalism, advertising, corporate communication, political communication,marketing communication and cultural studies. 

Postgraduate Programmes
I. Master of Communication (by Mixed Mode) 
II. Master of Arts (Communication) (by Research) 

PHD programme
Doctor of Philosophy (Creative Arts). Click HERE for more details.

Our Mission
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