Department of Media

About Us

Department of Media hosts two degrees – Bachelor of Communication (Hons) Broadcasting and Bachelor of Media and Creative Studies (Hons). Both degrees are a three-year programme which includes a compulsory semester of Industrial Training. Both programmes provide students with a framework to understanding communication theories and processes in an organizational context. Key research, communication and media-handling skills are taught to enable students to handle challenging real-world projects from communication to delivery and subsequent evaluation. Communication, broadcasting, public relations and journalism issues are analyzed from a range of academic and practical perspectives. The programmes train students from academic and practical perspectives. These programmes also train students to communicate effectively in their field of choice, both locally and globally.


Our Mission

We are determined to optimize the potential of generating dynamic media and creative experts (professionals) for the local and global marketplace through academic and practical excellence.

Academic & Research Activities 

In keeping with a research-focused university with teaching excellence, staffs in the Department of Media constantly strive to create and excel in doing communication research while disseminating up-to-date knowledge and theories to their students. Numerous research projects in the field of communication particularly broadcasting and media have been conducted by the lecturers using communication technology, thereby making them effective communicators both in the academia and the community. In addition to academic research and publications in ISI journals, a number of lecturers in the department regularly write for local newspapers, online media websites and magazines. 

In the 21st century, it is knowledge and ideas that will drive the global economy. Innovation and creativity will generate new wealth and power, as did the manufacturing of goods over the last two centuries of Western Industrial Revolution. Our focus today therefore should be on the creation of new knowledge, on enhancing the power of the mind, and in inspiring creative output. 

The three main research centers under the Faculty of Creative Industries, namely Tun Tan Cheng Lock Center for Social and Policy Studies (TCLC), Center for Immersive Technology + Creativity (CITC) and Centre for Modern Languages and Literature (CMLL) provide a platform for academic staff of the university to conduct research on media/new media and creative communication within the cultural, economic, political and social context of Malaysia. The research will adopt an inter-disciplinary approach. The primary mission is to encourage, aid and support the academic staff to conduct research and to promote a research culture among the faculty members. Meanwhile, the centers also collaborate with community, industry and the government to provide innovative solutions and to facilitate knowledge transfer that has broad and beneficial impact. 

Undergraduate Programmes

The Department of Media offers the degree of Bachelor of Communication (Hons) Broadcasting and Bachelor of Media and Creative Studies (Hons).

Bachelor of Communication (Hons) Broadcasting

This programme aims to equip students with in-depth knowledge and insightful appreciation of the fundamental concepts, theories and creative application in the field of mass communication, with a special focus on broadcast.

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Bachelor of Media and Creative Studies (Hons)

This programme integrates two important fields of study, namely Creative Studies and Media. Hence, students of this course will be trained to be versatile and diverse in their ability to apply their talents and technical expertise to the production and management of creative content on various media platforms.

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