Bachelor of Arts (Hons) Digital Animation

This comprehensive programme is structured based on the animation production pipeline. Starting with a strong foundation in theoretical understanding and creative thinking projects, the students are trained to apply research to concept, in order to create engaging storylines, powerful content and memorable character designs. These skills are then refined with intensive technical training in the necessary skills and techniques of 2D and 3D production as well as enhanced with expertise in creating multimedia, video and audio production, video effects compositing and film studies. Throughout the course, the students will be required to produce several individual and team-based animation projects which will train them to develop effective group dynamics and collaborative problem-solving skills in a professional manner. In addition to creative and technical knowledge, the students of this programme will also be educated on the laws pertaining to content development, copyrights and intellectual property rights, professional ethics and best practices, to ensure that graduates are adequately equipped to excel in this exciting creative industry of animation, film and post-production.

Duration of Study: 3 years

Career Opportunities 

Upon successful completion of this programme the students can opt to work as Art Directors, Background Designers, Concept Artists, Character Designers, Layout Artists, Prop Designers, Set Designers, Storyboard Artist, Animators, Digital Painters, Technical Director, CG Supervisors, VFX Artists, Modeller Rendering Supervisors, Texture Artists and CG Compositors.  

Programme Educational Objectives 

The Bachelor of Arts (Hons) Digital Animation programme was specially designed to produce graduates who have broad knowledge of the animation film industry, national and community needs so that they are able to positively contribute towards the industry and community specifically in the areas of animation by incorporating local culture, folklores, heroes and legends. Students are encouraged to be innovative and creative in order to compete in an industry where technology and ideas are rapidly changing. 

  1. Contribute to the growth and development of the Animation Industry through the application of Animation knowledge and design skills. 
  2. Apply related techniques and software skills to develop innovative ideas and resolve issues related to Animation design. 
  3. Demonstrate ability to work professionally with team members and exhibit interpersonal and leadership skills in handling work challenges.
  4.  Exhibit entrepreneurship capabilities, and practice continual professional development through training, advanced study and research.
Programme Learning Outcome 

Upon completion of this programme, students will be able to:
  1. Apply knowledge in theories, concepts and applications of graphic design, multimedia and creativity with a specific focus on the Digital Animation Industry. 
  2. Demonstrate ability to apply practical and creative skills relevant to this field and thus able to contribute to the growth of the Digital Animation industry in Malaysia 
  3. Apply social skills to communicate and interact with individuals and groups from different departments or organizations 
  4. Apply professional, ethical, legal and social issues relating to the development of an organization 
  5. Handle projects which requires teamwork, leadership skills and communication 
  6. Evaluate challenges in a creative, logical and decisive manner. 
  7. Demonstrate the importance of digital literacy in lifelong learning, in order to continuously upgrade knowledge and skills. 
  8. Apply management and entrepreneurial skills to prepare strategic design and multimedia plans to influence image and reputation of an organization.