Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can I have my lecturers’ phone number?

A: No. Students are only allowed to contact lecturers by email. However, if a lecturer permits, the lecturer will disclose his/her phone number to any students requesting for his/her number.


Q: Where can students get the Leave Application Form?

A: Leave Application Forms can be downloaded from the UTAR Student Portal. Just go to “Announcement”>“Student application form”>“Leave from class”.


Q: How many credit hours are students allowed to register for in long and short trimesters?

A: For students with a normal status: Long trimester – 20 hours; short trimester – 10 hours.

    For students who are under probation: Long trimester – 12 hours; short trimester – 6 hours.


Q: What are the procedures that I need to go through to book venues for replacement classes or events?

A: Students may walk in to the office of the Department of General Studies (DGS) on level 5 and fill up the classroom booking request forms.

For events’ venue booking, kindly approach Department of Students’ Affairs (DSA) on Ground Floor.


Q: “We would like to request to change our class schedule”. What is the procedure?

A: Please write a formal letter to the respective HOD regarding this matter. You are also required to attach the following documents:

(a) a list containing the names and signatures of all students registered for the unit(s) concerned;

(b) a letter from the lecturer/ tutor of the unit which states his or her agreement with the student(s)’ request to change the class schedule;

(c) a letter stating that the venue is available at the time proposed and that it can accommodate all the students that are registered for this unit (please check with the FGO of FCI).

However, the students are reminded that any request for changes is subject to the approval of the authorities involved.

Q: How long does it take for Student Certification Letters to be produced and collected upon request?

A: Student Certification Letters can be collected within three (3) working days upon request.


Q: How do I apply for leave of absence from my study? What is the maximum duration for leave of absence?

A: Students are required to submit a completed Application for Leave of Absence Form obtainable from the Department of Admissions and Credit Evaluation or the Faculty General Office. Approval for such applications is not automatic but determined by the University on a case-to-case basis.

The total leave of absence shall not exceed 2 years for bachelor programs.


Q: I have applied for a course transfer but I have yet to receive the decision of the course transfer. Can I attend the course which I have applied to be transferred to while waiting for the outcome of my application?

A: Students are only allowed to commence their study in the course applied for upon official notification from the University to the effect that your application for programme transfer is successful.


Q: Where do I renew my student ID?

A: Students may walk in to Division of Finance on Ground Floor. They are required to pay the stated amount and bring the payment receipt to SODEMC on the 10th Floor.