Bachelor of Arts (Hons) Journalism in Chinese Media

In line with the ever growing media industry in Malaysia, there is a high demand for graduates specialising in the area of journalism. 

This programme produces graduates with knowledge of the Chinese media industry and training in news writing, editing and production in both traditional media (print and broadcast) and new media such as online, blogs and other social media. The aim of the programme is to contribute to the growth of the Malaysian Chinese Media Industry, cultivating discussions on key issues in the public multi-cultural society like Malaysia. The programme offers lifelong learning skills that will enable students to critically, objectively and analytically address independent complex problems, issues and current affairs. 

Duration of Study: 3 years

Mediums of Instructions: Chinese & English

Career Opportunities 

Educators, writers, news media houses(newspaper and magazine publishing), and electronic media (TV and radio stations) and online media publishing.

Programme Educational Objectives 

The Bachelor of Arts (Hons) Journalism in Chinese Media aims to produce graduates with knowledge of the Chinese media industry and specialties in news writing, editing and production in both traditional media (print and broadcast) and new media. The programme objectives include: 

  1. Contribute to the growth of the field of Journalism through the application of knowledge and skills. 
  2. Apply newswriting and reporting skills to create innovative content applicable for online and offline print publications 
  3. Demonstrate ability to work professionally with team members exhibiting interpersonal and leadership skills in handling work challenges related to news writing and reporting. 
  4. Exhibit entrepreneurship capabilities and practice continual professional development through training, advance study and research.
Programme Learning Outcome 

Upon completion of this programme, students will be able to: 

  1. Apply knowledge of the theoretical aspects of Journalism theories and principles learnt in the classroom to the industry. 
  2. Apply specific practical/ ICT skills in the context of news writing, news selection, editing layout for print and electronic publishing. 
  3. Display interpersonal, social skills and a responsible mindset to ensure cooperation and confidence when working in a team investigating political, economic and social issues. 
  4. Comply with work ethics, behave professionally and demonstrate leadership and commitment to the vision and mission of a news organization.
  5. Display positive thinking and practice effective communication during the various stages of news production work. 
  6. Demonstrate sound judgment in the course of work and be able to analyze problems objectively and find practical solutions. 
  7. Adopt a lifelong learning attitude in order to keep abreast of the challenges of the media industry. 
  8. Demonstrate ability to use managerial and entrepreneurial skills to plan, implement and manage projects according to establish business goals of a print or electronic news organization.