Bachelor of Arts (Hons) Graphic Design and Multimedia 

Graphic designers are a vital component in the creative industries of advertising and design. Throughout this programme, the students will be taught the fundamental principles of art and design, as well as being trained in the technical execution of design works, learning how to develop their design ideas and visuals from analogue to the digital platform. The multimedia perspective of the course trains the students to apply their art and design projects to a wide range of applications, from print to digital and web, including multimedia such as video and audio productions. The versatility of this programme enables its graduates to diversify their talents and skill-sets to be equally relevant and marketable in a variety of fields including visual design, advertising, public relations, publishing, journalism, marketing and events management. Graduates of this course will be well-versed both in the theoretical understanding as well as the technical expertise needed for conceptualising graphic design solutions, developing memorable corporate identities, the building and effective management of brands, including the development of sound advertising campaigns and marketing strategies.

Duration of Study: 3 years

Career Opportunities 

Art Director, Graphic Designer, Webpage Designer, Multimedia Designer, Desktop Publishing Specialist, Packaging Design Specialist, Design Executive, Events Designer, Production Manager and Illustrator.  

Programme Educational Objectives 

The Bachelor of Arts (Hons) Graphic Design and Multimedia programme was created to provide industry‐ready design graduates who possessed technical know‐how and well‐developed creative minds to develop design concepts and approaches which are refreshing and innovative. 

  1. Contribute to the growth and development of the Creative Industry through the application of multimedia knowledge and design skills. 
  2. Apply creative thinking to produce innovative art, design, and multimedia solutions to resolve issues related to design. 
  3. Demonstrate ability to work professionally with team members and exhibit interpersonal and leadership skills in handling work challenges. 
  4. Exhibit entrepreneurship capabilities, and practice continual professional development through training, advanced study and research. 
Programme Learning Outcome

Upon completion of this programme, students will be able to: 

  1. Apply knowledge in theories, concepts and applications of graphic design, multimedia and creativity with a specific focus on the Multimedia Design and Animation Industry. 
  2. Demonstrate ability to apply practical and creative skills relevant to this field and thus able to contribute to the growth of the Multimedia Design and Animation industry in Malaysia 
  3. Apply social skills to communicate and interact with individuals and groups from different departments or organizations 
  4. Apply professional, ethical, legal and social issues relating to the development of an organization 
  5. Handle projects which requires teamwork, leadership skills and communication 
  6. Evaluate challenges in a creative, logical and decisive manner. 
  7. Demonstrate the importance of digital literacy in lifelong learning, in order to continuously upgrade knowledge and skills.
  8.  Apply management and entrepreneurial skills to prepare strategic design and multimedia plans to influence image and reputation of an organization.