Department of Early Childhood Studies

About Us

The Early Childhood Education (Hons) was started in October, 2011 in the Petaling Jaya Campus under the Department of General Studies with less than 10 students. Now Early Childhood Studies has its own department called the Department of Early Childhood Studies (started in January, 2013) with currently more than 180 students; and has 10 staff comprising 8 lecturers, 1 Specialist 1, and 1 tutor with an early childhood education/ psychology academic background and experience. 7 members of staff are currently pursuing their study for PhD and 2 for Master. In these last 3 years the student enrollment has increased tremendously and academic staff also grown in number. By next year the department is planning to conduct a part time Degree Programme as well as the full time.


Our Mission

The Bachelor of Early Childhood Education (Hons) programme is created to:

  1. To build in-depth knowledge and appreciation of the concepts, theories and   applications of early childhood education.
  2. To develop early childhood education’ professionals who are well equipped with the knowledge and skills relevant to this field and who are thus able to contribute to the growth of early childhood educationin Malaysia.
  3. To produce scientific and creative thinking graduates in preparation for their future career in early childhood educational settings and the relevant service sectors and industries.
  4. To instill in students the values of professionalism as well as ethical conduct and practices.
  5. To prepare graduates to keep abreast of the latest developments in early childhood education.
  6. To prepare graduates with good communication, leadership and team skills.
  7. To provide graduates with a strong foundation in early childhood studies as well as to expose them to other relevant fields of study in order to make them holistic learners.
  8. To provide students with the knowledge on how the branches and franchise system works and its monopoly of two main modes: Kindergarten and childcare centres
  9. To inculcate in students the need to pursue lifelong learning attitudes as a way to keep abreast of the rapidly growing field of early childhood education.