Bachelor of Science (Hons) Game Development

Students who aspire to create digital games and unleash their creativity via the PC, mobile and game console platforms can choose the game art & design path or the game programming & technology path. This programme concentrates on the game programming and technology aspects of game creation with some fundamental coverage of art and design. Among the skills students will learn are programming concepts, data structures, online networking, game graphics programming, virtual and augmented reality as well as fundamental game art and design subjects. These skills will equip students to work in the challenging yet rewarding game industry as game programmers and game technologists.

Duration of Study: 3 years

Career Opportunities 

This includes various job opportunities related to Game Programming, Apps Programming, Digital Media Development, Games Development, Multimedia and Animation Tools Developer, Web and Content Development, and Project Management in various sectors. 

Programme Educational Objectives 

The objectives of the programme are to: 

  1. Contribute towards the digital entertainment industry through the application of programming knowledge and skills 
  2. Apply programming skills and analytical skills to produce innovative and immersive digital entertainment products 
  3. Demonstrate ability to work professionally with team members and exhibit interpersonal and leadership skills in handling work challenges related to the development of digital entertainment products 
  4. Exhibit entrepreneurship capabilities, and practice continual professional development through training, advance study and research 
Programme Learning Outcome 

Upon the completion of the programme, the students are expected to: 

  1. Utilize knowledge and competencies acquired in the field of Games Development to create new and innovative games for the digital entertainment industry
  2. Apply skills to effectively propose, plan, conduct and manage independent projects and assignments related to the digital entertainment industry 
  3. Write well and communicate effectively with individuals from different backgrounds using appropriate games terminology where applicable and attain good leadership traits
  4. Demonstrate professional competence and the ability to work independently yet cooperate and contribute as a team, to serve the community, industry and nation
  5. Analyze the importance of practical issues such as ethics, culture, social, entrepreneurship, and human relation factors as well as apply these analyses in disciplines related to the digital entertainment industry 
  6. Apply creative and critical thinking skills based on artistic and scientific methods to solve problems, and exhibit the ability to use computer programming and application software to access and process data 
  7. Demonstrate the ability of self-development and self-learning towards life-long improvement, apply analytical thinking skills to existing body of knowledge as well as demonstrate the ability to conduct supervised research in the field of game development in the attainment of new body of knowledge 
  8.  Demonstrate the ability to use entrepreneurial skills to plan, implement and manage projects according to established business goals or objectives