Bachelor of Media and Creative Studies (Hons)

The Bachelor of Media and Creative Studies programme provides student with a framework for understanding and appreciating the concepts, theories and applications of media and creativity with a specific focus on media industry. Key research, communication, production, and media-handling skills are taugth to enable students to handle challenging real-world projects from communication to delivery and subsequent evaluation. While the core of the programme focuses on providing a strong theoretical foundation, practical skill and competence, the importance of professionalism, ethical values and responsibilities towards the industry, are also addressed throughout the programme at all stages.

The programme would be an important contribution to society as it trains a whole new generation of creative individuals who are versatile and thus able to work within the various existing and emerging creative industries in Malaysia.

Duration of Study: 3 years

Career Opportunities 

Graduates can seek employment as Producers, Screen/Scriptwriter, Advertising Executive, Broadcast/Print Journalists, Copywriter and Multimedia Content Developer.  

Programme Educational Objectives 

The Bachelor of Media and Creative Studies (Hons) programme aims to nurture graduates who are able to adapt to diverse organizational culture and have the wherewithal to envision a novel way of managing resources and talents for optimum output in the creative industries. The programme will also provide understanding of the various types of traditional and emerging new media as well as equip them with a range of media and creative skills to meet and exceed the challenges of the media industry. 

  1. To build in-depth knowledge and appreciation of the concepts, theories and applications of media and creativity with a specific focus on media industry 
  2. To develop media professionals who are equipped with media, creative and communication skills relevant to this field and thus able to contribute to the growth of the media industry in Malaysia. 
  3. To train students to develop social skills to communicate and interact with individuals and groups from different departments or organizations. 
  4. To instil in students the values of professionalism as well as ethical conduct and practices. 
  5. To expose students to the challenges of working in a team as well as to acquire communication and leadership skills.
  6. To develop analytical, critical and creative thinking skills of graduates. 
  7. To ensure students understand the importance of lifelong learning attitudes as the most effective way to keep abreast of the rapidly changing marketplace. 
  8. Provide managerial and entrepreneurship knowledge and skills.

Programme Learning Outcomes 

Upon the completion of the programme, the students will be able to: 

  1. Apply knowledge, theory and concept to plan and produce programme proposals relevant to the media industry
  2. Utilize media and creative skills to produce innovative ideas which can contribute to the growth of the media industry 
  3. Apply social skills which will enable one to communicate with individuals from other departments as well as network with individuals in the media industry 
  4. Apply professional, ethical, legal and social issues relating to the media industry 
  5. Work as a productive, cooperative team-member or play the role as an efficient project leader. 
  6. Handle challenges in a creative, logical and decisive manner 
  7. Understand the importance of life-long learning in order to continuously upgrade knowledge and skills 
  8. Apply management and entrepreneurial skills to prepare creative communication plans to influence image and reputation of a media organization