Bachelor of Communication (Hons) Broadcasting

The Broadcasting programme provides students with a framework for understanding communication and production theories, techniques and processes within the context of broadcasting. Key research, communication, production, and media-handling skills are taught to enable students to handle challenge real-world projects from communication to delivery and subsequent evaluation. One of several challenges faced by the industry is diversity in content creation. The programme provides knowledge and skills in a wide variety of genres such as short films, features, new stories, documentaries, talk-shows, reality shows, game shows, television commercials, educational and entertainment videos and others. This will ensure graduates are able to become commercial filmmakers, as well as independent film producers who can focus on the other less-explored genres. 

The Broadcasting industry has become, and will remain in the foreseeable future one of the most powerful driving forces in boosting the creative industries in Malaysia and directly contribute towards nation building, and our graduates are suitably poised to do so.

Duration of Study: 3 years

Career Opportunities 

Graduates can seek employment as announcers, producers, programme directors, radio deejays, video editors, broadcast technicians, audio engineers, studio managers, or writers for television or radio stations.  

Programme Educational Objective 

The Bachelor of Communication (Hons) Broadcasting programme aims to produce a new generation of broadcast practitioners who are able to use knowledge and technology to create movies, documentaries, entertainment video, reality TV shows, radio talk shows, dramas, television and radio commercials based on the potent combination of creativity, storytelling, narratives and production and post-production technology. The students who have completed this programme will possess creativity, new perspectives in storytelling and technical skills to produce film, television and radio programmes that can propel further the Malaysian broadcasting industry. 
  1. To build in-depth knowledge and 
  2. Appreciation of the concepts, theories and applications of mass communication with a specific focus on broadcasting 
  3. To develop broadcasting professionals who are equipped with cutting edge knowledge in this field and thus able to contribute to the growth of the industry in Malaysia and a globalised environment 
  4. To provide graduates with a strong foundation on the latest in broadcast communication developments related to their field as well as to expose them to the current issues surrounding such developments 
  5. To instill in students the values of professionalism as well as ethical conduct and practices 
  6. To develop analytical, critical and creative thinking skills of graduates 
  7. To instill in students the need to pursue lifelong learning attitudes in order to keep abreast of the rapidly changing marketplace 
Programme Learning Outcomes 

Upon the completion of the programme, the students will be able to: 

  1. Demonstrate an ability to apply communication knowledge, theory and concept to plan and produce television programmes, documentaries, radio programmes, public information campaign 
  2. Develop creative and strategic thinking complemented with production, writing, editing and multimedia skills 
  3. Apply cutting edge knowledge of broadcasting and thus be able to contribute to the growth of the Malaysian broadcasting industry in a globalised environment 
  4. Use innovative means in applying the latest developments in multimedia applications to enhance creative output 
  5. Understand professional, ethical, legal and social issues relating to the developments and implications of broadcast communication in society. 
  6. Use analytical, critical and creative thinking skills to resolve communication challenges in a highly competitive environment. 
  7. Demonstrate basic entrepreneurial skills and adopt lifelong learning attitudes with the ability to meet challenges of globalization