Academic Matters

(i)                Course Registration


Q: When is the last date for students to add or drop subjects?

A: Students are to add or drop subjects by the last day of Week 2.


Q: How to get a credit transfer?

A: Please fill up the credit transfer form and submit it at the Department of Admission and Credit Evaluation to be processed.


Q: Can we get unit exemptions?

A: Exemptions can be given for those who have taken the same subject(s) or unit(s) from other universities which are considered to be equivalent with the requirements of UTAR. However, terms and conditions do apply. Please consult your HoD for further clarifications.


Q: We only have a few subjects to choose for the elective units. Why doesn’t the faculty offer all elective units as per course structure?

A: Please consult the respective HoD. You can write a formal letter to request for the unit you intend to take to your HOD for his or her consideration.


Q: Can I take more than one elective unit in the same group?

A: Yes, you can. The GPA and CGPA only will be counted from one of them.


(ii)             Programme – Game Studies


Q: What is the difference between Game Design and Game Development?

A: In a short, simplified form: The Bachelor of Arts, Game Design is a course teaching you game design fundamentals that enable you to craft play experience from the story, art, scripting and even audio and special effects. You will learn some coding but it will be just enough for you to design a game and the ensuing game play experience. The Bachelor of Science, Game Development is a technical course focusing on game technology and game programming. You will learn programming fundamentals which will enable you to build systems, modify and create simple graphics and code components for existing game engines to extend its functionality and enable certain game design ideas to take place.


 (iii)           Programme Matter – Game Studies


Q: What computer should I get for GS or GV Course?

A: Computers these days are quite powerful and have 3D graphics capabilities. Such computers will enable you to run and create 2D and 3D graphics as well as play processor intensive 3D games. It is recommended that you invest in the latest and fastest PC you can afford to get.


(iv)           Programme – Master of Communication


Q: What is a Proposal Defense?

A: A proposal defense (PD) is the defense of a student’s written proposal on his or her proposed research topic and research method which will be pursued in his or her dissertation or thesis. The student will be required to present the proposal to a panel of members who will give their feedback on the viability of the proposed research as well as the adjustments that could be made.


Q: When do I have to do my Proposal Defense?

A: All students are expected to complete their PD within the first six months of their enrolment into the program. Please refer to the Postgraduate Handbook Guide for the time frame within which a student is expected to complete her PHD.


Q: What process of arrangement do I have to go through to do my Proposal Defense?

A: You should contact the Head of Program (HoP) to inform him or her of your intention to do your PD. The HoP will then arrange for the PD to be held. The PD will usually take place within a month of students’ notification of intention.


Q: What is a supervisor? Why do I need one?

A: A supervisor is a lecturer who will be assigned to you to guide you through your thesis or dissertation. A supervisor is an experienced researcher who can assist you in carrying out your research and write-up in the form of advice and feedback.


Q: How will a supervisor be assigned to me?

A: As soon as you have enrolled into the program, you should submit a research topic to the HoP who will then assign a supervisor to you. Failure to do so will cause delay in getting a supervisor and doing your PD.


Q: Where can I get more information concerning the administrative process of the program?

A: You can either go to this link or contact your HoP with your inquiry.


(v)              MUET


Q: Do I need MUET (Malaysian University English Test) in order to graduate?

A: Effective from the May 2009 intake, all students pursuing programmes of bachelor degree at the Faculty of Creative Industries are required to pass the MUET with a minimum of band 3 before graduation. The students must meet this requirement within the maximum duration of the programme of study. However, students who possess MUET result band 3 and above upon entering UTAR will be exempted from this requirement. These students could opt to sit for the test again to improve their grades.


Q: Can I sit for MUET at UTAR?

A: Yes, UTAR is an examination centre for MUET following the approval by the Ministry of Education.


Q: How do I register for MUET?

A: Details are available on the webpage of Division of Examinations, Awards and Scholarships (DEAS). Please click on this link:


Q: Are there extra English units that I can take to improve my English?

A: Yes, you may opt for extra English units offered as your Elective Units.


Q: What should I do if I have failed my English units or MUET for a few times?

A: Please approach the HoD of Department of Modern Languages as the department offers special English enhancement programmes to help you.


(vi)           Compulsory Units


Q. Why we must take MPW or MPU1 units?


  • MPW Units are offered as compulsory subjects in all private higher education institution (PHEI) after the introduction of the Private Higher Education Act in 1996.
  • Under the act, all Malaysian PHEI students must complete and pass MPW Units as 
    prerequisites to the award of certificates, diplomas, basic degrees and Honours degrees.
  • However, commencing from October 2013, the Ministry of Education Malaysia has officially announced the offering of General Studies or Mata Pelajaran Pengajian Umum (MPU) to replace the Malaysian Compulsory Subjects (MPW) for all private higher education institutions in Malaysia. Thus, all UTAR degree students MUST take MPU1 units.


Q. Are the MPU/MPW units graded and will they affect the final results?

A: All UTAR students (except for students who are exempted from the units) MUST pass all the units before they are allowed to graduate. However, results of the MPU units will not affect students’ GPA and CGPA.


(vii)         Academic Advisor System


Q: We found that our advisor is not around during the consultation time. The adviser seldom replies our emails. Therefore, we would sometimes miss the opportunity to register during pre-registration.

A: Please contact your advisor early in the trimester and avoid making last minute appointments (towards the end of the trimester). Contact the FGO of FCI for assistance if the advisor is not in the office during consultation time. Usually the advisor will reply their emails within 5 working days. If the advisor still does not respond, then students may contact their respective HoD for assistance.


Q: I cannot register during pre-registration but I have seen the advisor before pre-registration.

A: Please contact your advisor to check if he or she has keyed-in the consultation form online. You can only register after the advisor has filled up the online consultation form.


(viii)      Leave


Q: Why is my leave application rejected /not approved?

A: The respective HoD / Dean can only approve leave application with a valid reason such as: medical reason (only MC will be acceptable and/or a time slip which is only valid during class time) and death of close relatives (evidence must be attached).


Q: I am sick but I have medicine to take at home. Therefore, I do not have an MC and my leave application is not approved.

A: A sick leave can only be approved with the evidence of a valid MC.


(ix)           Examination Matters


Q: Can I register for an extra credit hour because this is my last semester and I only have this unit to complete?

A: Please write a formal letter to the respective Dean / HoD to explain your situation.


Q: I have always attended my classes but my name appears on the bar list. What should I do?

A: Please contact your respective lecturer and tutor to check the attendance, and then write a formal letter to explain your situation by providing supporting documents from the respective lecturer and tutor.


(x)              Students Discipline Matters


Q: I am required to attend an Industrial Training Committee (ITC) meeting. What is it for?

A: The ITC will see a student when the committee receives a complaint from an in-house supervisor or from the company in which the student is undergoing his or her industrial training.


(xi)           Financial Aid & Scholarships


Q: I am not able to pay my tuition fee this trimester due to a personal matter, but I wish to continue with my studies. May I know if UTAR is in a position to help me?

A: We might be able to help you. Please contact the Department of Student Affairs (Sungai Long campus) / DEAS.


Q: My PTPTN loan has been terminated due to my GPA falling below 2.0 for the past trimester and my family is not able to pay my tuition fee for this trimester. I hope UTAR can help me in this matter so that I can continue with my studies.

A: We might be able to help you. Please contact the Department of Student Affairs (Sungai Long campus).