Academic Staff

The Department of Modern Languages was first staffed by Mr. Nadarajah Ramasamy. After about a year, more academic staff joined in--Mr. George Cheah, Ms. Wee Kim Peck, and Mdm. Tan Siew Lan.

In the first few months of the Department of Multimedia Communication, the academic staff members were Ms. Sharon Wilson, Mr. G.V. Nair, Ms. Penny Lim, Ms. Eng May Chuen, Dr. Yap Siau Yen, Mr. Lee Yok Fee, Ms. Alaguletchimy a/p V. Maniam, Mr. Abdul Satar bin Abdullah Harun, Ms. Cheong May Fong and Mr. Lim Soo Jin.

The Department of Chinese Studies was headed by Prof. Ang Tian Se and Dr. Lim Chooi Kwa.  They were assisted by a part-timer, Mr. Mok Soon Chong.

Academic staff members are encouraged to upgrade themselves professionally. Scholarships have been granted to applicants who register for post-graduate studies. For example. Mr. Lim Chee Men from the Department of Chinese Studies was offered a scholarship to do his Ph. D. in Wuhan University, China while Mr. Selvarajah Tharmalingam from the Department of Modern Languages was offered a scholarship for his Ph. D. studies in International Islamic University, Malaysia.    

As the faculty grew in numbers, so did the staff strength. As of 01 July 2019, the number of staff is tabulated as below:

The number of staff (2019)

  ProfessorAssociate ProfessorAssistant ProfessorSenior Lecturer Lecturer Specialist Tutor
Department of Media0131121
Department of Multimedia Design and Animation10201520
Department of Game Studies  
003 1821
Department of Mass Communication  
01  34 111 0
Department of Early Childhood Studies  
0   000   9 0 3
Department of General Studies  
0   181 8 0 0
Department of Modern Languages
0061 16 0 0